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You can order direct on line from this web site, but if you need help, or prefer to order  by telephone, we have a dedicated order line on "01275 830830".
The order line is open Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.

Please note the order line is closed on Wednesdays and weekends, if lines are busy, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as a member of staff is available.

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PIANO LESSONS FROM The Music Box Shop in our tuition suite in Whitchurch, Nr Bristol call today to book your free trial lesson.
Tel:- O1275 834474

"The Music Box Shop"
Remember  we are a retail music shop

Our small friendly shop is situated in the centre of Whitchurch Village just outside of Bristol and we welcome visitors who wish to view our range of jewellery box, music boxes, music gifts, musical box and  musical instruments we have on show.
The shop is open Monday to Saturday 9.00am until 5.00pm and closed on Wednesdays, Sundays & Bank Holiday Weekends. We normally close over the Christmas and New Year week.       

However we strongly advise customers who wish to visit and are coming some distance,  to telephone or email beforehand to ensure the musical product you are interested in is available and in stock, thus to avoid disappointment.
01275  834474
01275  830830
Fax: 01275 838687
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Welcome To The Music Box Shop
Music Boxes - Music Gifts - Jewellery Boxes
Musical Jewellery Boxes - Cylinder Music Boxes - Children's Music Boxes - Reuge Music Boxes - Musical Carousels - Music Boxes
The Music Box Shop, Jewellery Box & Gift Catalogue

We are pleased to offer you our wonderful music boxes, musical jewellery boxes & music box gifts. Our wide range of music box and jewellery boxes make perfect gifts for friends and relatives, or perhaps a special gift for the music box collector.

Click on the Musical Category to your left to enter our online catalogue where you can browse our unique collection of jewellery box gifts and music boxes.

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Picture Music Boxes - Musical Movements - Music Box CD's - Jewellery Box Gifts - Ballerina Music Boxes - Musical Box
The Music Box Shop  For, Reuge Music Boxes, Music Box Movements, Jewellery Boxes, Musical Box & Childrens Music Box.
The Music Box Shop  For, Musical Jewellery Boxes, Music Box, Music Gifts, Musical Carousels, & Children's Music Boxes.
Musical products  from The Music Box Shop include Jewellery Boxes, Swiss Music Boxes, Reuge Music Boxes and Wooden Inlaid Musical Jewellery Boxes as well as an extensive range of Children's Music Boxes, Ballerina Music Boxes, Musical Carousels, Music Gifts and Collectables that all offer musical themed gift ideas. The Music Box Shop brings you many unique music gifts including jewellery boxes.
Musical Boxes

Around 1796 Antoine Favre a clockmaker from Geneva, was the first to use a comb of metal fingers pre tuned to give metallic notes, and so the mechanical music box was born.
In 1811 the first music boxes were produced in Sainte-Croix Switzerland, an area which was famous for watch making and lace industries, and it was not long before the town became renowned for music box manufacture.
Charles Reuge, a watchmaker settled in Sainte-Croix in 1865 and began making pocket watches with musical movements. The name of Reuge was to become famous as a manufacturer of wooden inlaid music boxes and the luxury end of the music box market.
The music box movement that is fitted into our inlaid wooden boxes today is a direct descendent of the original musical movement, it uses all the same basic principles.
So why not give a very traditional gift that will surely become a collector's item or heirloom which can be passed down the family a music box for future generations to enjoy.
Music Box Shop  Order Musical Boxes Online
Jewellery Boxes, Music Boxes, Index & Catalogue.
With musical gifts which include, music boxes, musical jewellery boxes, Swiss music boxes by Reuge Music and wonderful girls music boxes, ballerina jewellery boxes for both children and women. We offer a large range of music box gift options, with musical carousels, picture music boxes, even the musical movements for repair or making your own jewellery boxes.
Shop with confidence at "The Music Box Shop  & "Shop 4 Music Boxes  for all those unique musical gifts, music boxes and music box gifts delivered direct to your door by post or courier.
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Music Jewellery Boxes - the ideal musical gift, The Music Box Shop Site Map
Music Boxes
Child & Baby Christening Music Boxes
Music Box Shop
Music Boxes
Music Boxes
Musical Jewellery Boxes
View the finest musical jewellery boxes from The Music Box Shop they all make very special musical gifts for all occasions. Hand made wooden boxes, beautifully inlaid with marquetry. We have many varied designs and finishes in many different woods.
Children's Music Boxes
Ballerina music boxes and treasure boxes for girls, we also have musical box novelties for boys. With a large range of Musical jewellery boxes fitted with revolving figures both ballerina and fairy. So if you are looking for a music box with a ballerina that revolves to the music, look no further than The Music Box Shop.

Cylinder Music Boxes
Offering the best quality in Swiss crafted cylinder music boxes including famous manufacturers such as Reuge Music & Jobin. Hand Made in Switzerland, Swiss music boxes.

Picture Music Boxes
Music boxes with picture lids and a range of beautiful picture frame musical boxes. Our musical picture frame boxes have an opening inner section so the picture can be changed to your own special photo etc, all fitted with clockwork musical movement inside. These musical boxes make Ideal presents for christening and birthday, great gift ideas.

Musical Carousels
Musical carousels which rotate as the music box movement plays, wind the top backwards to turn the spring, which winds up the traditional clockwork musical movement which then rotates the carousel as it plays.

Musical Gifts & Music Themed Collectables
Musical gifts and music collectables, music novelties including music box paperweights, music themed mugs, pencils, miniature instruments, paper strip musical movements. We have many different music gift ideas; just browse through our musical collection.
For Jewellery Boxes, Music Boxes & Gifts
Musical Jewellery Boxes

The Music Box Shop has sent musical jewellery boxes by mail order all over the globe. Our range of jewellery box gifts is manufactured using traditional methods. They are fitted with clockwork musical movements. Many of our top range wooden inlaid jewellery boxes are manufactured by hand using high quality woods and veneers. The inlaid designs are varied and are cut from individual wood veneer in the traditional way, often by fret saw. Hours of meticulous work go in to the design and construction of a traditional music box and it takes numerous pieces of wood fretted parts to make up the  marquetry design you see on you beautiful jewellery boxes, which will then be finally finished in either gloss, satin or matt varnish to bring out the beauty that is a traditional inlaid marquetry musical box. Why not treat someone you love to the luxury of one of our jewellery boxes, a special gift for any occasion.
Children's Music Boxes

Children's music boxes make perfect musical gifts for christenings, birthdays, bridesmaid gifts, Christmas and many other occasions. Many of our jewellery boxes are fitted with musical movements that have ballerinas or fairy figures that pop up and rotate to the music when you open the lid. If you are looking for gifts then our range of musicals, treasure boxes, fairy boxes, inlaid musical jewellery boxes and musical keepsake gifts are sure to make enchanting presents. We have a varied range of gifts and boxes to choose from so what ever you are looking for, you should find it at The Music Box Shop. From traditional children's music box gifts to musical themed gift products, the choice is wide so if you need help with your selection why not give our friendly staff a call on 01275 830830 for advise or to place your order.
Cylinder Music Boxes

Our music box range includes a selection of traditional cylinder music boxes in various size movements, ranging from small single tune 18 note musical movements similar to the ones used in jewellery boxes to the beautiful tones of the Reuge 72 note three tune or the 50 note three tune Jobin music box. As the movement / musical note size increases, so does the size of the cylinder giving a better quality of musical performance, with a larger cylinder the circumference is increased so the tune will be able to play for longer so giving more pleasure to the listener from the musical box. With larger comb size the musical rendition is enhanced to give a truly deeper bass and scope of tone. These large cylinder music boxes make a perfect present for the classical music fan a gift which can be truly treasured and passed on to future generations to enjoy.
Music Boxes, Wooden Inlaid Jewellery Boxes, Musical Boxes, Music Gifts
Reuge Music Boxes, Swiss Music Boxes, Musical Jewelry Boxes
Childrens Music Boxes, Picture Music Boxes, Musical Carousels
Jewellery Boxes, Wooden Jewellery Boxes & Music Boxes
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Reuge Musical Jewellery Boxes - Swiss Music Boxes - Jewellery Music Boxes
Shop 4 Music Boxes For Gifts
Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Christening Gifts, Christmas Gifts
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Jewellery Boxes, Musical Boxes, Beatrix Potter Figurines, Children's Gifts, Jazz Band Figures, Music Boxes & More Gift Ideas
Traditional Wooden Music Boxes
Music boxes, wooden musical jewellery boxes, luxury swiss music boxes
children's music boxes, girls jewellery boxes & music box gifts music boxes
Jewellery Music Box & Music Box Gifts
Swiss music boxes, Reuge music boxes & wooden inlaid musical jewellery boxes as well as a large range of children's music boxes, musical carousels, music gifts and musical collectables the perfect gift ideas for special occasions.
Wooden Music Boxes & Jewellery Boxes
You Can Mail Order New Music Boxes From The Music Box Shop, Including Cylinder Musical Boxes, Musical Jewellery Boxes, Reuge Music Boxes, Singing Bird Automata, Music Gifts, Clockwork Musical Novelties & Music Themed Collectibles.
Safe Shopping Guarantee.
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Remember where not just on line we are a retail music shop in Whitchurch, near Bristol,
Find us in the Bristol Directory.
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Give the magical gift of Music Boxes
Jewellery Boxes
Christening gifts
Dean Music Group. Music Boxes, Jewellery Boxes & Music Gifts, UK Stockist of Reuge Music Boxes
To order direct online your music boxes, music gifts, jewellery boxes & Reuge music boxes
To buy musical collectibles like carousel music boxes, musical jewellery box and other collectable gifts click here to order online
Swiss Music Boxes, Reuge Musical Boxes, Jobin Music Boxes From Shop 4 Music Boxes
For Music Boxes, Jewellery Boxes visit
Order Jewellery Boxes, Music Boxes, Musical Gifts, Musical Boxes, Jobin Music Boxes, Reuge Music Boxes, Musical Jewelry Boxes, Musical Novelties
and many other music box & musical gift related products. Our music gifts and music boxes are available to order online via the web site Shop 4 Music Boxes.
Music box gifts for special occasions, Christmas music boxes, christening gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts
and other musical gift ideas.
For Jewellery Music Boxes

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